I have always had a passion for studying history and have fond memories of taking field trips to historic sites, as well as listening to stories told by my grandfather about his time in the navy during World War II and the Korean War. My grandfather's service and sacrifices during World War II have always inspired me, and I have spent much of the past two years researching his time in the Pacific, as well as my genealogy, in an attempt to gain a deeper connection with my family roots.

My personal teaching style revolves around hands-on and active learning projects, as well as incorporating research into every aspect of my curriculum. My job is to keep my students actively engaged and wanting more. I want my students to learn the value of history and know and understand their heritage, while also being able to connect their history with current events and today's society.

As a Career Technical Education STEM teacher, I have a unique opportunity to integrate what I would learn through this institute with the science and technology curriculum, allowing my students to gain a wider perspective, make stronger connections to history, and discover new tools and strategies to strengthen their research skills.