Walter Davis
Edisto High School
Cordova, South Carolina USA
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As a teacher of several courses on military history and a U.S. Air Force veteran pilot with over 5000 hours of flight time, I teach content on World War II airpower each semester.

My teaching philosophy is first grounded in the tenet of active learning cultivated through my years of training in the military. Our strategies in the classroom reflect strong emphasis on flipped classroom techniques like cooperative groups, student-led projects, and student movement. This is true in our development of student citizenship as well as our academic curriculum. Students in our program perform 2000 hours of community service annually to promote service learning. As we explore ways for our students to learn how to be citizens of value, we naturally encourage sacrificial values of tolerance, solidarity, equality, justice, inclusion, and cooperation.

A second tenet of my teaching philosophy is use of technology. As the webmaster for our school website, I am on the leading teacher cohort for a new district initiative issuing laptops to every student in our district. We will be able to use technological tools to a greater extent in our classroom to foster student creativity and retention of curricular content. My teaching strategies reflect my belief that students are enabled to acquire their own knowledge through the power of the internet.