My students have come to expect that I have rich and varied historical anecdotes and primary sources and personal stories which begin with “When I was there, here is what I saw and I talked to this person about so and so…” You should see them, when I share a primary source or play a recorded oral history. In these moments, our class is most engaging and my students help me see “oh, what a good question. I should have asked that. Next time.” I silently murmur to myself that I must do everything that I can to make sure that there is a next time.

My philosophy of teaching is “care, connect, and children.” My willingness to be vulnerable is what led to my being a teacher. That vulnerability, combined with a commitment to self-reflection, personal growth, and my 3 C’s, turned me into even a better teacher who encourages feedback from other teachers, students, administrators, and parents.

I have a background in dance, piano, drama, and voice. As a result of these experiences, my history class is very "artsy." We not only create unique artistic expressions of events but we also look at the arts and literature of the period to enhance our understanding of the narrative.