Melanie Hunt
Morristown East High School
Morristown, Tennessee USA
Melanie in the news

The fact that I am a Marine in and of itself explains my interest into World War II. Throw in the fact that I am also a teacher and you have an individual who has a passion for learning, has firsthand experience with war and warfighting doctrine, and knows the sacrifices that military members make in service to their country. I have seen the devastation that war has on a country, felt the pain in my chest when taps was played at a service member’s memorial, and watched with tears in my eyes as a Marine’s flag draped coffin was loaded on a helicopter for the first part of his last journey home.

At its simplest, World War II was an epic struggle between good and evil. At its most complicated, it was the most destructive war in history in terms of casualties, property, and cost. Some of the most heartbreaking stories of human cruelty and suffering as well as the most incredible tasks of sacrifice and heroism have come from this war.

I have the unique opportunity as an English language teacher to have the freedom to select the subjects that I teach my students. I feel very strongly that every student, and particularly students who are not native to the United States, learn about and understand the sacrifices that service members have made throughout this country’s storied history.