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Social Studies
Park View High School
Sterling, Virginia USA
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I have always been interested in military history, but it wasn’t until I was in Iraq that I began to dig past the surface of World War II. I was sent a book called Seven Roads to Hell which is about a soldier in the 101st Airborne during the Battle of Bastogne. I am not sure if it was the compelling story itself, or my own experiences seeming so similar, but I was hooked.

This interest grew into a driving force behind me becoming a high school history teacher. As I exited the Marines and transitioned into college, I realized that the sacrifices that were made for our great nation were often overlooked or only barely recognized in short Veterans Day ceremonies. I quickly developed a desire to keep the past fresh in the minds of the next generation, so that they would remember that each day of our freedom was fought hard and should not to be taken for granted.

Now that I am in a classroom, I teach each lesson with a passion that engages students and pulls them into the story. I believe that students need to learn more than just the facts; they need to learn the impact that events had, and still have, on the everyday person.