Katherine Lorio
Social Studies
Westfield High School
Chantilly, Virginia USA
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My interest in World War II started like many other’s interest. I have family that participated in both the European and Pacific theaters of war. My interests fanned while taking undergraduate courses in history. Fast forward a few years to my teaching career.

Getting to stand on the beaches of Normandy, after researching the life and participation of a local Fairfax, Virginia resident in the events of D-Day, 1944, has inspired an interest closely held to my heart. Participation in the Normandy Institute made my community smaller, better known, and more inextricably connected to my own life and history. And students love to hear how their teacher loves history and want to love and understand it for themselves, too.

I am especially interested in the experiences of women in World War II. My secret World War II crush is on the women of Bletchley Park.