Julie K. Heintz
Social Studies
The Mississippi School for Math and Science (HS)
Columbus, Mississippi USA
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The desire to become a teacher is a direct result of my aspiration to guide students in the process of discovery. History to me is about the preserving the past and making it come alive for the current generation. Through my teaching and interaction with students, I strive to inspire a love of history.

My passion for history is a commitment that I try to pass on to my students everyday through developing classroom activities and fostering within my students a lifelong interest in historical research. I am always looking for a better way to teach history—I attend sessions to improve my own knowledge of a subject which I then teach my students.

World War II changed the world and a generation of men and women. It was a pivotal moment in the conflict of ideologies, it brought to the forefront new leaders, raised the question of man making history or history making the man.