No matter how passionately I tell the stories of heroism, sacrifice and brutality, it does not come close to having the same effect on my students as when the person who lived those experiences gets to tell it. The stories from World War II mean a lot to me as well, especially those from the Pacific. The Marines did most of their fighting in the Pacific, and I am a Marine. The stories of those killed in World War II are important to me because I now understand the price of freedom and sacrifices those brave men and women made.

Although I primarily teach economics, it is a great subject for teaching about war. Economics is about costs and benefits. The benefits of an action are almost always easy to see, so it is identifying the cost that I primarily focus on, and when you examine warfare, the cost is exceedingly high. Getting students to appreciate the scale of sacrifice is challenging.

I have seen what sacrifice looks like, and I never miss an opportunity to tell people about my brothers that gave so much. I would love to tell the stories of those lost in World War II as well.