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Social Studies
JJ Pearce High School
Richardson, Texas USA
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It is my goal as a teacher to pass on to my students these personal experiences of history, to make the people on the pages of their book and in the images within my lectures real to them. I take this goal so seriously that I actually had a student stop me once and ask, “Did you actually know these people or something?” The question elicited a good amount of laughter, but it also made me proud that I was able to make it seem like I personally knew people who had been dead for centuries. Ultimately, the only way to further my goals as a history teacher is to continually immerse myself in the historical experiences of the famous and the average citizen. I see on a daily basis how my education, research, and teacher institutes directly affect the enjoyment of my students in a history course.

World War II gave us the modern America in which we live. The war would push technology forward, make America a superpower, and be a formative experience for the men and women who would lead the country for the next forty years.