James Goodspeed
Social Studies, Language Arts
Fulton High School
Middleton, Michigan USA
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My interest in World War II is important, because I consider it to be the watershed event of the twentieth century— America was never the same after the war ended in 1945. It is impossible to make sense of much of American history without an understanding and awareness of World War II.

I currently write a monthly column for our weekly newspaper The Gratiot County Herald. Many of my topics and themes have dealt with World War II and how it relates to our own local history. A highlight of my spare time is working with primary sources, and researching newspapers and documents dealing with early twentieth century history in our county.

Engaging students with research is a regular part of my history and English classes. My philosophy of education has been greatly shaped by using National History Day in my history classes. The reason that I use National History Day is that I believe in “doing history” as opposed to only talking or lecturing about it. It is my goal that students come as close to history as possible, and I found that many of their projects usually are related to a World War II topic.