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Social Studies
George Washington High School
Chicago, Illinois USA
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World War II stands out for its clear cause and purpose: fighting back against Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor and ending the tyranny of fascists such as Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. One reason that I am interested in World War II is the way it affected the role of women, African Americans, Japanese Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, and other groups—both at home and abroad.

For the past two years I have had my students participate in the Chicago Metro History Fair, where they chose topics, conducted research, and produced projects based on the National History Day theme, while also having some relationship to Chicago. In this way I hope to instill in my students a love for history that I feel, while also fostering their curiosity and desire to know more about the past.

I hope to help all of my students become critical thinkers and empower them to learn different ways to solve problems—thus preparing them for life after high school. My U.S. History classes utilize a variety of primary and secondary readings and sources, videos, maps, and oral history to challenge students to synthesize the instructional materials and make their own meaning about the past.