Cherie Redelings
Social Studies, Art History
Francis Parker School (K-12)
San Diego, California USA
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It wasn't until I took a college class on American History that I discovered a passionate interest in history and that was because I read a primary source, The Federalist Papers. The men who wrote these fascinating documents gave reasons for their philosophy of government. That experience with primary sources has informed my teaching of history. I remain convinced that nothing is as exciting as what really happened, and no one is as interesting as the real participants. As much as possible, I let them tell their stories to my students.

I welcome the chance to help students and teachers in my own sphere of influence and across the country appreciate the experience of the American soldier in World War II. As the generation of World War II participants becomes scarcer, I want to preserve the central drama of the twentieth century so a new generation of students and teachers can hear the voices of those involved and understand their motivations, their sacrifice, and their world. As a department chair and teacher of history and art, I have the time and resources to integrate this experience with my own curriculum and to travel to other venues and share it with teachers elsewhere.