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Olive Pierce Middle School
Ramona, California USA
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I left Manila when I was 11 years old and was oblivious to the role that the country played during World War II. Even after years of studying in U.S. public schools, most of my knowledge regarding the war has been primarily from the European perspective. Understanding Sacrifice will enable me to not only hone my knowledge and abilities as a teacher, but it will also fill the gaps of my personal knowledge regarding the Philippines and how it is ultimately connected to the United States, a country that I now call home.

As a Filipino-Chinese immigrant who is a proud naturalized U.S. citizen and married to a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, I am an individual with a diverse background and a distinctive point of view. My knowledge of Filipino history and culture allows me to possess a different perspective, enabling me to discover patterns and overarching historical themes between my country of citizenship and country of birth.

I am passionate about education and the arts, and I believe that professional development is the key to fulfilling my professional and personal goals. By learning current topics and trends and collaborating with others, it ultimately generates the instructional spark that will capture student motivation and knowledge acquisition. I hope to successfully translate my knowledge to my own classroom, inspiring my students with my own academic adventures.