Cary House
Social Studies
Anderson High School
Anderson, Indiana USA

While my friends in the neighborhood were watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, I was watching Audie Murphy star in “To Hell and Back.” With my enthusiasm for Audie Murphy and my interest in the events of World War II, I was drawn to a lithograph in my grandfather’s office. The lithography was an aerial photo of the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery where my great uncle is buried. Each visit to my grandfather’s home began with a trip to his office to stare at the lithograph. These two experiences led to a life-long passion for military history in general and World War II specifically. This passion motivated me to join the military and to follow in the footsteps of Audie Murphy and my great uncle. My time in the military only served to deepen my appreciation and curiosity about military history and my uncle’s service in World War II.

As a student and as a teacher I believe that education should be visual, engaging, entertaining and interactive. My philosophy of teaching is to make history come alive. As a student I learn best when the lesson is meaningful to me. As a teacher I strive to connect the curriculum with the student on a personal level.