Brian Weaver
Social Studies
Central Bucks High School - West
Doylestown, Pennsylvania USA

I can pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with history. The December 1991 issue of National Geographic commemorated the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

My philosophy of education is to reach every student in their comfort zone. History is unique in that one cannot teach it without including other subjects. Literature, science, art and other fields of study all intertwine to create the human story. If teachers can emphasize and build upon the existing connections to other subjects, they can draw in those students who might otherwise tune out.

A teacher can produce limitless, diverse lessons to share this pivotal moment in history with his students, and he has a responsibility to do so without losing those who are drawn more to other academic areas. He should always produce material that can meet every student in an area that plays to their strengths, and no era lends itself to that more easily than World War II.