Brendan Gallagher
Carroll County Career and Technology Center (HS)
Westminster, Maryland USA
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I interned at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense where my research involved determining both the cytotoxic effects of mustard agent and ways to protect cells from the damage it caused. During my graduate research that focused on environmental pathogen detection, I became very interested in the British development of biological weapons during World War II after I read a review article on the topic.

I believe in the National History Day program, and even though I teach AP-level biomedical science courses, I have students who create projects and compete at the state level. I explain to my students that good science is a historical field where published research is the cornerstone of work yet to come.

My philosophy of teaching is grounded on the notion that students learn best when they are motivated by an internal drive to be a part of the subject matter that seems relevant and significant. I must be a motivator, a guide, a source of content expertise, an audience, a cheerleader, an editor, an energizer, a source for compassion, and most importantly a positive role model for both academic and personal standards of behavior. I believe that I have a dual role as an instructor and mentor to my students, both high school and adult learners.