Amanda Kordeliski
School Librarian
Norman North High School
Norman, Oklahoma USA

I developed a passion for World War II history as a child because my father loved this era in history. A family friend arrived in Normandy on D-Day+2 and was involved in the Battle of Remagen Bridge and the Race to Berlin. These amazing family stories I grew up hearing became connected to the pages of my history book through my remarkable high school history teacher.

I became a librarian to create a passion for reading and research in students. I choose to work in a middle school because I feel that these are the grades where students lose their passion for reading and begin to view it as a chore instead of a pleasure and I want to keep students reading. In addition to keeping the passion for reading alive, exposing students to the most effective way to research has become a cornerstone of my teaching philosophy. As a librarian, I want my students to become knowledgeable consumers of information and to be able to recognize reliable and credible sources.

The more informed I am as a historian and a researcher, the better teacher I can be for my students. Having the opportunity to visit battle sites and World War II monuments while investigating Oklahoma soldiers and their experiences will allow me to make history come alive for my students.