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Sergeant Harry Blankenship's Grave Site, Normandy American Cemetery, July 18, 2015. Hunt Collection.
Sergeant Harry Blankenship
Limestone, Tennessee
Sergeant, U.S. Army
Saaga Family, 1942. Collection of Tile Lolotai.
Private Henry Saaga
Honolulu, Hawaii
Private, U.S. Army
Paul T. Boyle, 1942. Boyle Family Collection
Sergeant Paul Boyle
New Castle, Pennsylvania
Sergeant, U.S. Army
William "Bill" Simmons next to P-47D Thunderbolt, <i>Marryin' Sam</i>. Courtesy of Char Baldridge, Historian, 359<sup>th</sup> Fighter Group Association.
First Lieutenant William Simmons
Norfolk, Virginia
First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces